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近日 本公司征集精品推荐:陨石


[collection name]: Meteorite


Class: miscellaneous



Meteorites, also known as "meteorites", are the unburned stone, iron or mixture of stone and iron that are scattered to the surface of the earth or other planets by cosmic meteors or dust fragments separated from the original orbit. Meteorite refers to the debris falling on the ground, which is composed of iron, nickel, silicate and other minerals, also known as meteorite. It also refers to the meteorites with more or all of rock. A large number of organic compounds, such as ammonia, nucleic acid, fatty acid, pigment and 11 kinds of amino acids, have also been found in meteorites with high carbon content.



It is found in observation that there is an asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, the planets of the solar system, which is the hometown of meteorites. These asteroids move in their own orbits and collide constantly. Sometimes they will be knocked out of their orbits and run to the earth. When they enter the atmosphere, they will generate light and heat by friction. When a meteor enters the atmosphere, the high temperature, high pressure and internal imbalance will explode and form a meteorite shower. The unburned ones fall on the earth and become meteorites.



Scientists say our earth receives 50 thousand tons of such "gifts" every day. Most of them burn out at a height of 10 to 40 miles from the ground, which is hard to find even if they land on the ground. They run in the universe, because there is no other protection, so they are directly affected by the radiation and catastrophes of various cosmic rays, and their own radiation heating can not make it change greatly. So its own record is reliable. It has a wide range of research fields, such as high energy physics, celestial evolution, geochemistry, and the origin of life.



The more expensive meteorites in the world are those from the moon and Mars, about 6000 US dollars, that is 30000 yuan per gram. Cheap desert meteorites have a high degree of weathering, that is, 1 yuan per gram. If there are many witnesses when they fall, the price is between 40 yuan and 50 yuan per gram. At present, among all kinds of meteorites in China, the value of the so-called black Turquoise meteorite is higher than that of the moon and Mars meteorite, because at present, human beings can not judge its source, which is likely to come from the stars produced in the period of the big bang of the universe 15 billion light-years away, which is very helpful for the study of the boundary and formation of the universe. During the process of passing through the atmosphere, the meteorite falls into the earth's desert after high-speed autobiography, so it is well preserved , the melting shell is relatively complete, the surface is bright, the whole body is black and green, and it has high collection and research value. A 2750g black Baolv meteorite, the best preserved in China, was purchased by a mysterious collector in Beijing for 40 million yuan. The meteorite is not a lunar or Martian meteorite. The origin of which planet is unknown. The world is the only one. Now the valuation is more than 60 million yuan, and the unit price is more than 2 Ten thousand yuan per gram, great room for future appreciation.



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